Tudo que Poderia Ser ou Ter Sido.

By constantly rejecting and silencing my desire out of fear, I tend to live in a world of fantasies and suppositions, thinking things like what if I've chosen something different? What if I said yes? What if I took a risk? What if I were someone else? It is a collection of 12 oil on paper paintings relating crying people portrait with objects with wasted potential.

Dois Mil e Vinte e Dois Patinhos Tristes na Lagoa Refletindo Sobre a Vida.

In times of extreme reclusion, to refocus your sight inside and reflect on yourself, life and the existence in general was the only thing holding my sanity back. In the threshold between sadness and humor "Dois mil e vinte e dois patinhos tristes na lagoa refletindo sobre a vida" was created, a series of 12 paintings for my 2022's calendar.


Sometimes there is a weird thing around your neck, near your throat, or even spread all over the body. That thing in which you can't understand exactly what is is, although it is definitely a bad sensation. My suggestion is to cry. Cry lightly, cry whispering or copiously. The suffering and sadness plays central role on human experience. It is needed to make amends with these feelings and courage to recognize them.

Llorones Profesionales.

It is important to destigmatize the crying. To cry is the peak, the heyday of decompression. It is the sigh, the relieve of tension. It is the process and to process the existence. Crying is the clearance of the airways and the anguish. Crying is healing.

This is a byproduct of the compression of a breakup, home moving, city change, job change, everything in the same moment within a pandemic. Tears were failing to come out, and if it did, it was insufficient. The painting series "Chorando", helped me to cope, survive and process everything that was happening to me.


Why do we try to hide that we are in love? Why don't we speak up our feelings for the loved one? It is useless to suffocate love, it is written in your face, smile and eye. Love, you are in love! And let it shine.