Sometimes there is a weird thing around your neck, near your throat, or even spread all over the body. That thing in which you can't understand exactly what is is, although it is definitely a bad sensation. My suggestion is to cry. Cry lightly, cry whispering or copiously. The suffering and sadness plays central role on human experience. It is needed to make amends with these feelings and courage to recognize them.


The sadness and the weeping are recurrent themes in my artwork. I have shared the creative process of "Triste" t-shirt on social media. By sharing it I saw and reflected upon what I feel in the making, and also realized in what moment the fear and insecurity hits harder. Becoming aware if my creative process is inherently painful or which are the moments and reasons I get so anguish was very good. Midst the ups and down of the creative process, I refined an old lettering and used in the final composition. It can sound illogical but for the main illustration I painted myself crying in acrylic on paper (29,7x21cm) then edited in bitmap for the print.