This is me, Kaio Fialho. huge pic huh? I am living the eternal process of updating my portfolio. I guess it is every creative professional burden, right?

Kaio Fialho is resisting the urge to talk about himself in third person but failed miserably. He is a Brazilian artist, graphic and user experience designer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

He is currently working as Head of User Experience in an early stage startup, Clarke Energia. There he is responsible on leading its product experience, interface and interactions. In times also performing a Product Manager role.

He considers he is all over the place in the creative field, loving arts and crafts, graphic design, service blueprints and interfaces. This professional inconsistency still gives him lots of anxiety and sleep paralysis. Though I (the narrator) think it is a strong characteristic.

Somehow Kaio manages a side hustle as an artist. Painting and illustration helps his psychological process and his endless self knowledge journey. He is also interested in how vulnerability is important to human relations, LGBTQIA+ rights and political and social activism.

Currently he is a letterboxd obsessed user and lover of questionable pum jokes. Kaio thinks it is difficult to choose something favorite but when someone asks him, he instantly answer "the office", "dancer in the dark" and "cassava".

If you want to talk with Kaio, I am sure he would love to chit chat, just mail him at He is available for freelance work, collaboration, and commission!

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