This is a byproduct of the compression of a breakup, home moving, city change, job change, everything in the same moment within a pandemic. Tears were failing to come out, and if it did, it was insufficient. The painting series "Chorando", helped me to cope, survive and process everything that was happening to me.


[EN] I thought I was dealing well with the many things that were happening to me in the same time. A breakup, a job change that led to a home and city change. If it wasn't enough, everything during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The crying wasn't finding its way out, and when it did, it was insufficient and inconclusive. I painted portraits of people crying in many different ways in gouache on paper (21x29,7cm). Those portraits helped me to relieve on the tear dropping and accompanied me whilst I processed the things I've been going through.

I see now that I am too controller and want to be sure and certain about everything. Do you know when you want to create something organic but while you are doing it you edit and smooth so much that the outcome is a perfect and plastic sphere, completely unnatural? So, my objective with these paintings were to go against it. I used the same brush for every colours, I stained my paint bottle and never cleaned the tray. It looked like an attempt to embrace chaos that my life once was.