Why do we try to hide that we are in love? Why don't we speak up our feelings for the loved one? It is useless to suffocate love, it is written in your face, smile and eye. Love, you are in love! And let it shine.

2018 – 2020

[EN] I was caught off guard and when I fell in love for the first time. It was like an avalanche of new emotions and feelings. Inside the thunderstorm of trying to understand and decode what means to love and what is love, I gave birth to 12 illustrations, made originally with pencil on paper, that composed 2019's calendar.

When least expected, you find yourself in love, just like those clowns that jump scare you from a cute box. Being in an homoaffective relationship is also to realize the importance of activism, and be proud of the achievements. Love also trails tough roads. Although my will was to decrypt every piece of what being in love is, just like a rubik cube, I couldn't hide that I was loving, every inch of my body denounced it. A couple illustrations turned out colored posters. However, "Amor Apaixonado" was the favorite and stamped a tote bag, t-shirt and an enamel pin.